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Jacob is the highly anticipated debut album from Jacob.

Jacob takes all of the band's moving parts – its use of multiple vocalists, a versatile approach to genre and an ear for well-timed shifts in dynamic – and sees their potential realised at their highest level yet. “You're Not That Cool” and “Girls in White Dresses” are both exemplary of their sharp, succinct and hook-heavy approach. Elsewhere, Jacob builds from quiet introspection to up-front honesty on “Just Like You,” while acoustic detours such as “You're So Cool” and “Proud” allow for exploration of a wider musical spectrum while simultaneously refusing to compromise on their fever-pitch energy levels.


released November 25, 2016

all songs written and performed by jacob

additional vocals on the album by kynan spaull, alison breen and dave young

engineered and mixed by joe andersons
mastered by audioseige mastering



all rights reserved


jacob Wollongong, Australia

jacob are an emo band from australia

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Track Name: tell all your friends
i’m a liar at the best times
the best parts hiding in the covers
we don’t speak to one another at all
a little louder and i’ll get myself in trouble
we don’t speak to one another
we don’t listen because we’ve heard it before

i’m getting older but i still have something to say
a little nervous but i’d rather be than wear a false face

so go along with all your friends
i’ll be smiling, you’ll be there
i’m still here and i’m still singing
Track Name: a haiku
you go, i hate i feel it
because i never said that i’d ever let you keep me up at night
(and you know that you did)
you call and i'll drop everything, as if you’d never left
…and i was always what you need

i lie all the time but it's alright… i'd never lie to you

fast asleep, you're okay (i'm wide awake)
lying i'm lying with all that i need
Track Name: you're so cool
throwing myself in like i always do
you'll leave and i'll be fine like i always say i am
always was such a sucker for a girl with confidence
wearing my heart on my sleeve for everyone to see

... and you know that i'm about. i made it so obvious and i hate it.

you're so cool.
Track Name: girls in white dresses
i'm making a mess till i'm without you so all i'll know is;
i'm better alone
we sang a different song and thought we'd never mean it... we thought we'd never need at all

(are you scared you were wrong)

we lay like liars to an old conversation but we don't have a reason to say it
we lay like liars and we don't have the patience (but we'll wait) ...oh we'll make it
Track Name: none but the brave
it's like i always find a reason/ it gets inside my head
i've been here for a few times/ i'm getting worse instead
i guess life's a funny feeling/ with all we don't expect
i keep waiting for so long it's so long to keep in my head

i'll stay silent, is that what you want to hear?
you know nothing and i wont tell you that
keeping quiet, i'll still stay awake
i'll still stay awake

i don't really want to be alone but for now its all i know
in time i'll learn to grow, in time i'll learn to let it go
everything happens for a cause, everyone learns to cope with loss
everything takes so long, everyone seems to make it home
Track Name: you're not that cool
is there something about the attention?
i never once was the jealous type or one who loses sleep at night
over the idea of another boy deep in your sheets but sweetie you've made it hard for me
(you were always hanging onto it/him)

take back your lips off my neck, my heart in your hands
go and talk about me to all your friends
and tell them of how awful i can get

cut me out after i let you in
Track Name: proud
she says it all with a firm blank stare but she has to
... i don't understand but i'll let you
i've been here before and i let myself know there's that reason i lie all the time

i let it out like i'm so proud so everybody knows when it all falls apart

when i do lose (like i'm used to)
... you'd love to
well... there's no use
Track Name: i fell in love
i've been awake for 30 hours
i'm sitting down, considered writing it out
taped to my foot before i kick the chair out

but i need to stay around and see that your work is carried out
(because although i let you die that day)
i still can't let you fade away

i fell in love with a girl named faith... or was it hope? or maybe grace?
she sure had a pretty face but her intention led me astray
i'll never forgive what took her away
want nothing more than to see her face and let her grace this earth and change this place for all it's worth
Track Name: almost always
how the hell was i supposed to think that all we ever needed was to set us apart from the rest
how the hell was i supposed to think it was all we ever needed

i got to stop writing but i can't stop writing
it's you that has me tongue tied and i'm better because i was confused
(i have to stop but i cannot stop writing)
it's you that i've been after and i've got it but i'm still so confused
i'll still sing the songs because we all want to dance

but the truth... is i'm better than i'll tell you... better than i'll let you know
i'm writing all these songs and it seems like i can't let you go
Track Name: all i ever write about
writing all these songs; you're all i ever write about (and i don't want to keep writing them)
Track Name: just like you
i slept so well in your sheets
i could lie here all the time/ i could lie here all night
just like you, i needed something to hold onto

i'm as strong as you'd like to think i am
i sleep the coldest in another bed
"no i'm fine, yeah its like this all the time"
i can't keep you, you go
and again i'll lie

... you left me here all alone